Vin-Clor Cosmetics is a leading beauty brand with the sole mission of inspiring delight in our customers. Our range features exciting products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging that are made with skin-friendly ingredients and pack a punch with exceptionally gorgeous color results. It has gained a loyal following among celebrities, makeup artists and beauty addicts alike, attaining the status of one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world. New and dynamic product launches keep us on the cutting-edge of the beauty industry, as each product is developed for high-performance results at par with premium beauty brands.

With a wide range of luxurious, yet affordable products ranging from basic to super-glam, we believe your beauty should be expressed as subtly or dramatically as you want. At Vin-Clor there are no rules and no limits to create your own signature look. Our Slogan: Wake Up To Makeup.


Vin-Clor Brand Philosophy

  • Our products are strictly free of animal ingredients and never tested on animals.
  • All Vin-Clor products are strictly free of animal derived ingredients.
  • Lip products are alcohol free.
  • Our products are formulated for long lasting, vibrant color results that survive any climate.
  • Inspired by the vivacious spirit and beauty traditions of South Asia and the Middle East.
  • We strive to stay at the cutting edge of fashion to create niche products.
  • We work with the most sought after makeup artists and fashion icons to create shades that flatter and suit skin tones across all spectrum.
  • Vin-Clor Cosmetics is the go to brand for supermodels across Asia and the Middle East.
  • We are passionate about putting the fun back into makeup by infusing unabashed glamour into our packaging.
  • We never grow out of our girly love for makeup and all things beauty!