Vin-Clor Clor-Romance


Expression Of Love

Vin-Clor Lipstick Clor-Romance defines the lips to be visibly attractive and appealing. Its new sense of working is super convenient to be applied.  The shades infused are iconic and play with the notes of style; suited to the daring, funky and vibrant side of yours. Fashionably finished lips are the ultimate gain at the end.



  • Fancy gloss
  • Semi-matte
  • Available in 12 Vibrant shades
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Magic Spell - Mascara

Too Expressive

Vin-Clor Magic Spell Mascara adds definition to the eyes by sweeping up the lashes and coating it from root to tip. It provides a volumized look with ultra thickening combination of dark black and deep long lashes. The result is incredibly magnified as perfectly defined volume and attractive magic lashes.



  • Long lasting wear
  • Waterproof
  • Separate lashes
  • Dark and long
  • Smudge proof
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Vin-Clor Magic Spell Mascara

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